Check out our new website!

Check out our new website!

Welcome to our new website... due to our recipe app going out of business we have switched to Shopify and will be posting new recipes twice a month. Thanks for checking in and we look forward to a Drizzle Healthy 2024!




Pomegranate Chicken Thighs 
Winter in Idaho can be dark and dreary but this recipe brightens that evening meal. The spinach, mandarin oranges and pomegranate seeds make it pop with tasty color. Olivin Rosemary and Blood Orange olive oils combined with Olivin Pomegranate-Quince white balsamic bring those flavors together nicely. Eat the salad alone or top with baked chicken thighs (or pork chops). Add some  goat or feta cheese too!

Cherry Smoothy Bowl  
Want to end your day with dessert that is more healthy? this may be the one! It is adaptable to your favorite fruits and toppings so you can make it multiple times in the week but it can be different every time. And don't forget starting your day with this one, add some protein powder and it makes a great breakfast smoothy or mid-day snack. One cup of cherries contains 260 mg of potassium!

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookies  
It is the end of 2022. A lot has happened this year, including running out of people in our shop! I have experienced running out of money, running out of time and running out of ideas, but people? It is sad but true. Where did all of the college students, stay at home moms with kids in school, empty-nester's who want to stay busy and cooking hobbiest's who need some extra cash go? Well, we have muddled through this strange time in our history and thankfully our customers have adapted to our changed shop hours. We have two fantastic Team members currently. The extra day of being closed means I have a bit of time to keep baking and cooking with these fine Olivin oils and vinegar. This recipe is one of my comfort foods and brings wonderful childhood and young adult memories of when I lived in my parents home. I needed them this past fall when our family expanded with people and my business lost several people. The variations make them fabulous to add comfort to any mood and are a great reminder of what taking a few minutes to savor and enjoy an oatmeal cookie can add to your perspective when life throws a frenzy of chaos at you. On to the adventures in 2023!
Black Bean Idaho Potato Nachos
When it is hot out, these nachos make an easy patio meal for sharing. They are nice and versatile too so you can heat them up or add your favorite margarita!
Mustard Nut Crumb Crusted Pork Steak 
It has been a wet and chilly start to our summer this year in Boise, but the grill is ready to go! Try this different cut of meat (not our usual chop) and enjoy these fabulous gluten free Nut Crumbs that are an alternative to bread coatings as the crusted coating, without frying!! Strawberry salad with the Walnut Vinaigrette we shared below is the healthy side to make this home cooked meal feel a restaurant gourmet!
Walnut Vinaigrette
Sounds pretty boring by itself but this flavor packing dressing and marinade add just the right touch to strawberry salad and pork to elevate your cooking to gourmet! Strawberry salad is the favorite for this dressing because walnuts and strawberries are so fantastic together. But honestly, anything you like walnuts with, add this gem to it and prepare to be wowed!
Lime Cookies
Can you tell we have a little bit of salt and lime on the mind? it's 5 o=clock somewhere!! Our salsa recipe was focused on the mango but these add the lime finish to a great meal These are so refreshing and fun to get the party started or the dinner party ended. Italians are great at cleansing the palate and this is easily achieved with these cookies.
Mango Salsa 
May has the prettiest flowers and some of the best tasting tropical fruits. Mango are one of them. Try this easy recipe for a change to your pico de gallo routine. Jazz up those pork chops or chicken as you get re-aquainted with grilling everynight.
Lemon Spaghetti with Shrimp
Here is an easy and flavor versatile recipe that is easily ready in 30 minutes. Lemon is our favorite so we featured it here but garlic, basil and Milanese Gremolata can switch it up. Add some capers and you are close to a piccata.
The Odd Couple 
For those fans of Olivin who have not tried a drizzle of our fantastic balsamic vinegar on their ice cream you go. This recipe will get you started. And, who knows, you may even start speaking Italian after devouring this luscious treat. Delicioso!

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